Cup of Tea



Update on Magic Project

I have used Adobe After Effects CS5 to make changes to the video I previously posted. The changes I have made are as follows:

  • Status light on wand holder that changes colors.
  • More life like “glow” when television turns on.
  • Magical splashes for: television, hallway light switch, kitchen light switch, kitchen cabinet and front door.
  • Magical “hum” to denote the moving of the pot from the cabinet, to the sink, and finally to the stove.
  • Stove burner turns red when on.
  • Water flowing from faucet into pot.

The magical splash, magical hum, and water were all created on separate compositions and then brought into my master comp. The splash was created by applying the effects Fractal Noise, CC Vector Blur(to blur the edges), Curves, and Glow. The hum was also created by applying the same effects, but I also added Light Burst with Alpha selected. The status light on the wand holder, the glow from the television, and the burner turning red were all created using a standard vector mask with the pen tool and applying the Glow effect. The water was a bit tricky. I don’t have Trapcode Particular, therefore I decided to use the effects Fractal Noise, CC Mr. Mercury, and CC Toner (for color). I had to adjust many of the settings and it still doesn’t look exactly as I would like. More believable faucet water is something I’ll probably work on more in the future.

This is a pretty big difference from what I had previously but there’s always room for improvement.



Update on Magic Project – Production Stage

Below is my current result for the Magic Project. It has reached production stage. There are some things that I would correct before moving forward. For one, the wand is really hard to see. I didn’t notice until late in the rendering stage. I will probably make it a bright golden color to set it apart from it’s surroundings.

The next step would be taking it to the post-production stage by using Adobe After Effects to show the activity that I did not create using Maya. Such as: Magical splashes and hums from the wand, glow from the Tv when it turns on, status light on wand holder, water flowing from the sink and the burner on the stove turning red.

Update on Magic Project – Interior Shots

These are the latest renderings of the building interior. I consider these as finished as is possible in order to meet my deadline and still look relatively good. I made the all the lights brighter and furnished the rooms.



Living Room

Update on Magic Project – Motion Path

In the video below you can see the wand I have modeled attached to a motion path. The wand moves from it’s resting point on the desk to the kitchen and back again. This is just to show my current progress, it needs more tweaking to appear a bit more realistic.

Redo of Forest


Redo of Tea Set

Updated Photo Real Images

I was previously having trouble with adding shadows and using depth of field appropriately. I have went back and re-rendered the tea project with shadows and a bit of camera play. My results can be seen below.



Project Update

Magic Wand




Building Interior




house 4


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

-Author C. Clark

Technology is constantly advancing and leaves many people today in awe and inspired. Rather it’s optical camouflage technology used in “invisibility cloaks” or the hands free voice activated mini computer found in Google Glass. I will compare today’s technology advancements to magic in the form of a one to five minute 3D animation using Maya.


  • Compare today’s technological advancements to magic.
  • Create a production quality short animation.
  • seamlessly merge traditional (tactile) and digital art concepts.




Story board:


Concept art:

I modeled my wand after the Kymera Wand.

Semiotic Square